An Evening with Sir Elton John

Naperville Music would like to introduce you to AN EVENING WITH ELTON JOHN, brought to you by Yamaha Disklavier

This is the first time we held an event like this at our store and it was a huge success! The response was so great that we had to add 3 additional showings to show off this amazing product and all it can do.

Let’s take a moment and imagine you are sitting front row to one of your favorite artist’s, in this instance Elton John. You might think to yourself, “I could never be that close”, well the Disklavier gives you this opportunity, and the best part is it’s all from the comfort of your own home.

While these artists perform at different venues around the world, the Disklavier transmits all their actual key strokes and pedal movements from that performance to the piano in your home, it is as if they are playing the piano right in front of you.

See them perform on your tv…………WATCH NOW!

Watch your piano come to life and play exactly what the artist is playing at the time of their performance,  right there in your home………………

The speakers under the piano produce the vocals and other instrumentation while your piano actually plays so you get that full LIVE performance feel…………

This piano offers more than just the Disklavier TV which is what gives you those great live performances. There is also Music Soft which is very similar to iTunes which allows you to wirelessly download music from a library of over 4000 songs directly to your piano for easy use. And last but not least like satellite radio, this piano offers Disklavier Radio which allows you access to over 32 radio stations so you can have endless hours of music playing the piano for your enjoyment. And did I mention the piano already comes loaded with 500 songs and is all controlled by your iPhone or iPad! Take a look……….

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about this unbelievable piano. Check out our website at for our full line of Yamaha pianos and follow us on social media to see whats happening here at the store.


Thanks for watching.

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