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Music studios often turn students away because they’re too young for lessons. Kidzrock teaches kids as young as 4 how to play in a rock band which introduces them to all of the instruments and allows them to have fun learning!

This class can be taught online or in a classroom. The online version actually gives the teacher more ability to watch every student and coach them as they need it.

The kids will learn a song as our teacher communicates with all of them. Mom or Dad will make a short video on their smartphone of their child playing their part of the song.

We give you a link to upload your video, we edit and create a music video of the class playing the song and your child now has their own music video they can watch over and over again and share with members of your family.

We are offering the first Virtual Kidzrock class for FREE!

In the virtual setting, we can have as many as five kids in a class. This class will fill up fast. It is a four-week course, and the kids will write lyrics and music together. 30- 45 minutes per class.

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